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Features in a Warehouse Management System

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It is important to run warehouse operations with utmost efficiency. Many businesses invest in high-end warehouse management system that comes with broad capabilities and can also handle supply chain management, inventory management, and transportation management also. Thus, a lot of bases are covered with a single platform. When looking to buy a WMS software, here are a few features that you must check out.

Inbound and Outbound Operations

This feature in a warehouse management system help in handling inbound and outbound operations. The process of warehousing includes working with vehicles that carry materials and physical products. Truck manifest tools help in entering data into the inventory system.

This, in turn, prepares the warehouse for these incoming goods. Items are perfectly organized for storage through radio frequency ID tagging, barcode scanning, and other ways of processing goods. Some systems also have features that helps in labeling and identifying each item on arrival and help the organization to begin the process immediately.

Inventory Planning and Management

Another feature that is found in WMS is Inventory Planning and Management. The system has features that help plan and streamline inventories available and its proper management to ensure seamless processing.

Order and Fulfillment Process

WMS also takes care of order optimization and process of fulfillment. It helps in controlling product flow through the warehouse. This results in enhancing efficient order management. Some platforms provide access to carrier networks that helps by speeding up shipping process.

Tracking and Analysis

WMS also takes care of Transportation Management Systems. The system has in-built features that help in tracking a vehicle and its status. This help the warehouse manager to know if the driver is in any problem and take necessary steps to solve the same. Real-time tracking has helped businesses immensely, especially when it comes to maintaining inventory.

Look for these features when planning to invest in a scalable WMS.

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