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Advatix: Your best choice for eCommerce BPO services

Advatix is one of the leading Supply Chain Management Companies offering advanced services and technology powered solutions. We, at Advatix, help different companies to overcome supply chain obstacles. We provide customized supply chain designs that are specific to the companies’ goals, challenges, and opportunities. Along with supply chain management solutions, we offer inventory management services to the companies.

We, at, Advatix transform business operations to improve labor utilization, fulfillment throughput, help the companies to meet the customer demand, deliver the products to end customers at the right time too. With the advanced system, we ensure that the companies have the right inventories at the right place and at the right time. Our team of experts works with the companies to decide upon the optimal inventory locations, such that companies have the shortest pick path and increased productivity.

If you are looking for outsource eCommerce BPO services, we offer it too. We have a dedicated CX Mission Center that is committed to providing your customers with the best experience. From Customer Service, Dispatch, to Order Tracking, and Help Desk we offer everything. The CX mission will work dedicatedly under your Label and Brand.

This is our command and control tower that handles everything related to your customers and they receive the products on time and also experience what they expect. We create a unique combination of advanced technologies and industry experts, such that the issues are solved even before they happen. Our CX Mission executives work round the clock and talk to your customers and ensure their issues are resolved immediately.

For better outsource customer support, and effective supply chain and logistics management, engage with Advatix. We will ensure all your business operations are channelized in the right manner and your customers receive nothing but the best service and experience.

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