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Inventory Management Services at Advatix

Advatix is one of the best Logistics Service Providers in the nation. At Advatix we transform business operations to improve labor utilization, fulfillment throughput, help the companies to meet the customer demand, deliver the products to end customers at the right time, manage inventories through advanced systemsetc.

We provide advanced technology solutions to help companies excel in the field of business. We develop realistic implementation-oriented solutions to the efficient and effective management of the processes. With the advanced system, we ensure that the companies have the right inventories at the right place and at the right time.

Our executive team of experts supplies chain designs to optimize the supply chain and deliver the right products to the end customers in time. We apply unique techniques to improve supply chainand logistics, provide metrics to companies through which our performance can be evaluated, and also know how the customers are being served. We deploy dynamic labor utilization techniques, Inventory Management Systems, etc to achieve the company targets at a reduced cost. To ensure a stable supply chain our analytics team provides accurate customer demand, market trends, and demand forecast data. This also helps the companies to find opportunities to grow into a leading business in the market.

The experience of working with reputed clients, like Amazon and Walmart, adds value to our service and we ensure our clients reach their long term as well as short term business goals. Our advanced Transportation Management Systems will find the most optimal locations for the inventory so that only the shortest pick path is selected. This ensures better fulfillment rates and the customers will receive their products on time.

Engage with us today, and seek our expert assistance in channelizing your business operations to grow and excel into a leading business!

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